the TRACK ATTAQUE challenge

Your heart races on every banked corner.

Eyes widen at the half way marker. Hands grip at the gravity defying adrenaline rush. There is no better way to experience the velodrome track!

What is it?

The Track Attaque Challenge is a series of 24-hour and 12-hour cycling relay events which take place on Britain’s leading velodromes and cycle circuits. If you are looking for the ultimate in unique challenges, then look no further, there is simply nothing else quite like it!

For both our 24hr and 12hr indoor velodrome challenges teams are made up of 3-6 riders and are suitable for all ages and levels of cycling. With participants so far aged between 16 and 67, we have something for everyone, whether you are completely new to cycling, the office adrenaline seeker or a triathlete in training.

For businesses and groups, Track Attaque offers a completely unique corporate challenge and provides the perfect platform for fundraising and csr activities. Colleagues, clients and customers can team up together in these incredible challenges to achieve the extraordinary.

Think exhausting, think exhilarating, think fun!

For our current event dates both indoor and outdoor please visit our facebook page or email us

How does it work?

The events are all team based. The indoor velodrome events have 6 riders to a team and work in a relay format, whereby, each rider takes turns on the track, with one rider from each team on the track at any one time. Teams can ride in any rotation they want, and for any duration they want (up to one hour), teamwork, motivation and strategy are key to this challenge!

Sounds amazing! But I’ve never ridden on a velodrome before?
No problem! All of our events are aimed at every level of cycling ability, from those with little or no cycling experience to those who already hold a track cycling accreditation. For all of our indoor events we require everyone to have completed a minimum of a stage 1 track induction session prior to the challenge date. This ensures you are safe and competent on track and know what to expect come challenge day. These sessions are available at all velodromes and we can advise on how to book on to these if needed.

What about equipment?

It’s all provided. No need to bring anything! At indoor velodromes we provide track bikes, helmets and cycling shoes*, should you need them. Of course, you are more than welcome to ride your own track bike should you wish, subject to a coach sign off.

Where Does It Take Place?

We have 24hr and 12hr challenges taking place throughout the year at both indoor and outdoor venues across the UK. We also work on a number of race nights and charity cycling events that also t

For our current event dates please visit our facebook page or email us

What’s Included?

  • Track Bikes
  • Helmets & Cycling Shoes*
  • Electronic Chip Timing
  • Physio Support & Sports Massages
  • British Cycling Qualified Track Coach Guidance throughout
  • Hot Drinks & Refreshments*
  • Free Entry for Friends, Family & Spectators
  • Car Parking*
  • Finishers Medals
  • Finishers T-Shirts*
  • Trophies for Various Categories