Your heart races on every banked corner.

Eyes widen at the half way marker. Hands grip at the gravity defying adrenaline rush. There is no better way to experience the velodrome track!

Attaque Cycling Events provide unforgettable cycling challenges across the UK’s indoor velodromes on track bikes and outdoor velodrome tracks and race circuits on road bikes. Attaque takes you above and beyond, creating truly unique team based events which challenge you mentally and physically, take you to your limits and really push the boundaries.

Our events are designed for all abilities, from complete beginners to accomplished cyclists. However to prepare you for the challenge ahead, we will advise on what training you should undertake in the run up to the event. Each rider must have undertaken a track taster or stage 1 accreditation track session ahead of the challenge to be able to take part. Those who hold a British Cycling accreditation are not required to attend a prior track session. Please contact us for more details on track requirements.

Looking forward to seeing you on a track or race circuit soon.
Zoe Westerman
Attaque Cycling Events


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HUUB has four decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, the HUUB team explores both the odd and the conventional to create the best.

HUUB are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. They believe quite simply that they have delivered what competitors want. HUUB appreciate the time you put in, which is why their new cycling range has been developed with the best input, factories and designers to ensure your biggest training commitment is looked after just as you would expect from HUUB.