Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.


Choose your challenge

Team Challenges of 24 and 12 hr on indoor & outdoor velodromes and race circuits across the UK.


Choose your team

Choose wisely, teams of 6, 4, or 2.


Choose your track

All of our team events take place on closed road circuits or velodrome tracks with smooth surfaces and racing lines.


You kind of come away feeling like you’ve lived a little bit more. You take your mind and body to a new level of endurance.

Attaque Cycling is a great event which brings together all levels of competition and fund raisers. There’s nowhere to hide with every lap recorded for all to see. A true challenge of power, endurance and speed! We love it!

- Dan Bigham, Huub Wattbike


One of the best cycling and triathlon apparel brands in the world, HUUB, are the official sponsor of Attaque Cycling Events.

HUUB has four decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, the HUUB team explores both the odd and the conventional to create the best.

HUUB are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. They believe quite simply that they have delivered what competitors want. HUUB appreciate the time you put in, which is why their new cycling range has been developed with the best input, factories and designers to ensure your biggest training commitment is looked after just as you would expect from HUUB.